Wednesday, 8 December 2021
On the one hand, the city of Magelang has a forum that works with the Magelang municipal administration to establish a healthy, dignified, prosperous, and sanitary society. The activity cooperation with Indonesia Urban Water Sanitation and hygiene (IUWASH PLUS)
What is the name of the forum?
That forum is now known as the TEMBANG TIDAR FORUM.

TEMBANG TIDAR is an abbreviation of the Babagan Consultation Meeting for the Development of Sanitation and Drinking Water and Hygiene Behavior in the City of Magelang, which was founded on September 6, 2021. Despite its youth, this forum has established a monev team in each of Magelang City's urban villages. Each kelurahan has 17 participants, and a city-level forum has been established as a result of it.

This forum also aims to speed up the implementation of the 100 0 100 program, which aims to establish a healthy city and a Magelang city free of ODF (open defecation) or, more precisely, to eliminate open defecation.
Surprisingly, this forum is interested in joining a cooperative to expand its operations. Because it falls on this day, we at PPKL Magelang do socialization about how to form a cooperative and how to collaborate effectively. Mr. M Sofyan, SM, as PPKL Magelang, socialized with members of the Tembang Tidar forum at the Atria hotel, without forgetting to be accompanied by the facilitator, Mr. Aziz Khariri SE.

As a result, we, as PPKL Magelang City, will continue to educate the community on what a cooperative is and how people can join or start their own cooperative.